La Jolla – A Pacific Escape

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The smell of sea lions was apparent from the moment we parked and opened our car doors. You could hear a combination of water splashing the shores and about a hundred sea lions barking away. To our surprise, the seawater was some of the clearest we have seen in Southern California. The cove is a neat place to observe sea lions roaming with complete freedom in their natural habitat, both in and out of the water.


A fun little cave is located in the cove as well. It’s a great place to take your kids, with a lot of hermit crabs for them to find.


TIP: Wear sandals or take off your shoes. We came unprepared with only our sneakers.

As we were observing the cove, we noticed a lot of kayakers out today. La Jolla Kayak (http://www.yelp...

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The Secret to Living Through Travel

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COrona lakeOur passion for travel is no secret to our family and friends. We love experiencing new things and unleashing our curiosity.

Initially, we came up with the name Living Through Travel because we literally wanted to live abroad, jumping from country to country, while documenting all of life, food, culture and religion as it was made manifest to us.

Unfortunately, our current circumstances would not allow for us to live that dream….
             Or so we thought!

As we reflected more on our goals and dreams, we had an epiphany. Who is to say that we aren’t living through travel right now?

As we’ve made more of an effort to fulfill our itchy feet and keep our married life as adventurous as our dating years once were, our eyes have been opened to the beauty in our own backyard...

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Train Ride to San Juan Capistrano

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edited SJC

Historic Landmark
The Birth of Orange County

 ”Located in the gorgeous coastal city of San Juan Capistrano directly adjacent to Interstate 5 is a sacred piece of California history. Known as the “Jewel of the Missions,” the San Juan Capistrano Mission was founded on November 1st, 1776 by Father Junipero Serra.”

We love history, photography and Spanish inspired architecture so venturing off to the Mission sounded like a fun way to spend our day. We decided to take the train, since it stopped right at the mission.  Our round trip train ride was $14.50 per person.

If you are planning on coming down to the Mission, don’t forget to visit their website for a coupon. We were able to get a free guided tour with a purchase of an Adult ticket, at $9.00 per person...

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Weird Yet Wonderful: Segway!

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photo 2

  We live in Orange County and are fortunate enough to live very close to the beach. The crazy thing is we hardly ever go. So on one beautiful weekend we decided to explore Newport Beach and Balboa. Sean and I found a great deal on Groupon, which gave us the opportunity to give Segways a try. I have seen people on Segways numerous times, but have always had mixed feelings about them. I often thought about how geeky people looked as they sputtered past me, but deep down I really wanted to experience this brilliant machine first-hand. Sean, on the other hand, was thrilled to finally get to be like Kevin James in Mall Cop and ride one.  

When “Segwaying” for the first time, it is probably better to go on a day that is less crowded, yet decent weather...

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About Our Blog

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circle colour

Hello and Welcome to our blog!

 We hope to capture and share with you travel experiences through service, spirituality, and daily life.  We are exploring the world one travel deal at a time.

Whether traveling abroad or in our hometown, there is always much to be discovered. 

We are new at:

 1. Marriage 

2. Blogging

3. Photography

We hope our travels, tips, pictures and fun facts will help you in planning your trips!  

We make the mistakes, so you don’t have to!

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Do Not Go Paddle Boarding Until You Read This

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paddle boarding

We found a great deal on LivingSocial. OEX sunset Beach  had great reviews on yelp, so we were excited to try standup paddle boarding.

TIP: Arrive early, as parking can be difficult to find.

You will probably have to park  on PCH or by the gas station, a few blocks down and walk.  So get there early if you’re scheduled for a group class. Also, they do not have lockers, so leave everything you can in your car, unless you feel comfortable putting your belongings on the floor with everyone else’s, or on a shelf if there are any available.

The staff were friendly, but not super helpful. I recommend purchasing your rental inside and then going out to the harbor to put your name in with the employee or join your group class. Employees are not in uniform...

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Unexpected Events – Stuck in Oakland, CA for 10hrs – What to Do?

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Having to be at the airport at 545AM was a brutal task for a couple of procrastinators. We packed at the last minute and didn’t go to bed until 1am. We tried to milk every last sleeping minute we could, which caused us to run out the door with no breakfast…NO BREAKFAST! Our favorite meal of the day! 

We knew finding food for Sean would be hard with his food allergies (soy, gluten, lactose). Adjacent to our gate was a Carl’s Jr. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and decided to ask them to make fresh eggs with no milk. The employee’s reply was, “They aren’t fresh; they are from a carton.” Awesome…

I asked to see the carton and to my surprise, Sean could have it. Although I did request that they cook fresh ones with no butter, and they did. So if you’re lactose intolerant, make sure to ask

So ...

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How to Stay In Seattle, WA – $42 a night

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Landing in Seattle

We arrived in Seattle at 9:15pm, but as we looked out the window the sun was still shining; it looked like it was 7pm. It kind of threw us off a little bit. As soon as we walked out the airport, our host, Maddy, just pulled up. We are staying in her private room. We found her on AirBnb (a very useful site), which allows you to rent either a room or entire apt/condo/house at an affordable price, typically much cheaper than hotels. We are staying at her home for $42 per night. You get your own private entrance, a kitchenette, and it’s right across the street from the bus stop. She is very friendly and accommodating. Here’s a link to her AirBnb listing

We will be reviewing our stay in her home when we return home.

It’s late. Bed time!
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Good deals don’t last – duhh! GET A REFUND

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A couple of days ago we were looking for cheap flights departing around Thanksgiving. It would be our first time not celebrating the holiday with our families, but we felt like doing something different this year. 

We checked out the travel sites we frequent, such as Kayak, Hotwire, Booking Buddy, etc, in search of the cheapest round trip flights outside of the U.S. during mid-November. You won’t believe this; 2 round trip tickets from Los Angeles to Guatemala for $390 per person! What a great deal, right? We thought so, too. 



After thoroughly researching all of the activities we wanted to do in Guatemala, and practically planning our entire could-be trip, I mention that it’s a good idea for us to wait a couple of days so that I can purchase the tickets on a particular cred...
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What is FishFest?

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Main Stage

We love Christian music. It’s uplifting to listen to in your car and even better when it’s live!

This was the second time that we were privileged to attend FishFest, which is hosted annually by one of our local radio stations, 95.9 The Fish. There are multiple stages where singers perform, along with various booths that offer food, games, and clothing. 

This year’s festival was held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California.

When Nathalie and I go to FishFest, we like to go VIP style. What better way than purchasing the VIP Gold Package ($100 per person), which includes:

  • VIP Orchestral Seating
  • VIP Parking
  • Backstage Pass
  • Artist signing with the band/artist of your choosing
  • On-stage viewing platform
  • Entrance into the VIP lounge, which has complimentary food and drink (lunc...
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